How long is a week?

A few weeks into my MBA and I thought I should jot down some random things that I have learnt so far:

  • Determining what your ruler measures is often critical
  • It is possible to play indoor football with a soft rubber ball
  • Japanese firms have some practices very different to the norm I’m used to e.g. when one joins a firm they will often know exactly what their pay will look like over the next 9 years
  • Indian’s celebrate each other’s birthdays by many slaps and kicks on the rear of the lucky birthday boy
  • Having a devil’s advocate in a group can be extremely interesting
  • Brazilians, Italians and Indian’s are capable of turning up on time
  • Most MBA students prefer the ethnic food option over fish, vegetarian, pizza, French and pasta options
  • Google Docs can be used for everything (including a substitute chat system)
  • 12 Angry Men is a fantastic film
  • Some people will happily pay EUR 30 for a EUR 20 note
  • The mean number of smarties in one packet is 32
  • When someone refers to a “partner” it can cause great confusion (husband/wife, same-sex partner, girlfriend/boyfriend, fiancee, or simply a partner at a firm)
  • Some people are better at counting “F’s” then others
  • Highlight of a fashion show will always be a man in a tutu
  • Saturday classes seem longer then classes during the week

Clearly the MBA has put a little halt on my blog writing, but once I figure out how to make a week or even just a day longer, I will be sure to start writing more frequently once again

How long is a week?

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