I’m back… But first an Apéro Dînatoire

It’s been over a year since my last blog post. To say that 2015 was busy would be an understatement so I will leave some of the details to later posts. For now a lighter post.

As I’m currently back in France I wanted to once again talk about one of the things I love about this little country. Introducing the “apéro dînatoire”. I love the name almost as much as the concept.

For those that are not familiar with the Apéro, check out my earlier post “France, je t’aime“. As much as I love an apéro, somehow I love an apéro dînatoire even more. It transforms the cocktail / finger food aspect of the apéro into a full meal. This means that it can be a proper sit down and having Pastis for even longer (again refer to my earlier post “France, je t’aime” to learn more about Pastis).

Recently I’ve been having a few of these and here’s just a sample of the things you can enjoy: Guacamole, Doritos, salsa, toast with goats cheese, tarama, tzatziki, endives with tuna and St Moret,  quiche, carrots, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese and of course pastis. Very simple and super delicious. Just be careful how much you eat as it’s easy not to notice you’ve had too much.IMG_4536

I’m back… But first an Apéro Dînatoire

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